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Am I the right person for a vasectomy?


Yes if you think that…


  1. You and your partner do not want any children
  2. You and your partner have all the children you want
  3. You and your partner cannot or do not want to use other methods of family planning
  4. Your partner has health problems that make pregnancy unsafe
  5. You do not want to pass on hereditary disease or disability



Q1: What is a vasectomy?

Ans: A vasectomy is the sterilization operation for a man to prevent a woman to become pregnant. It is a very simple minor operation with fewer complications as compared to the sterilization operation for a female (tubal ligation).


Q2: How does a vasectomy work?

Ans: A man’s testes produce sperm and secrete the male hormone, ‘testosterone’. Sperm travel from the testes through a long tube called the ‘vas deferens’ to the penis during ejaculation. On the other hand, testosterone circulates through the blood vessels. During the vasectomy operation the two tubes (vas deferens) are disconnected and blocked so that the sperm cannot mix with semen. Once this procedure is complete, a man can no longer make his partner pregnant.


Q3: Will a vasectomy effect my sex life?

Ans: A vasectomy does not diminish your sex life. Rather it may enhance your sex life as it removes the anxiety of possible pregnancy. You will have normal libido, erections, climaxes and ejaculations. The sperm constitute less than 2% of the volume of semen. The amount of fluid in your ejaculations is not different, except there is no sperm. Semen is produced by glands, such as the prostate gland, which is not affected by the operation. Once in a while a man may have sexual problems after vasectomy. This is more to do with psychological and emotional issues rather than because of the operation. You should consult your family doctor or counselor about this.


Q4: What will happen to the sperm?

Ans: The testes will continue to produce sperm cells, which will die. Your body will absorb the dead sperm cells that are not used whether or not a man has had a vasectomy.


Q5: Will a vasectomy protect me against AIDS and other S.T.D’s?

Ans: No. You should practice safe sex methods including condoms to prevent these diseases.


Q6: Does a vasectomy increase prostate cancer or any other medical problems?

Ans: World Health Organization and other medical scientific bodies have concluded that a vasectomy is a safe operation. There is no increased risk of prostate cancer.


Q7: Can a vasectomy be reversed?

Ans: Yes. Success depends upon the time period of reversal after a vasectomy. Success is higher if reversal is performed within the first 3years of the vasectomy. It is not performed in this clinic and not covered with OHIP. You have to find a urologist who specializes in microvascular surgery.


Q8: Can sperm be deposited in a sperm bank?

Ans: Yes, with some fees.  However, there is no guarantee that pre-vasectomy sperm stored in a sperm bank will be able to cause pregnancy at an unknown time in the future.

Q9: Is there a wait list?

Ans: No, usually it can be arranged within a week. If you do not have a family doctor to provide you with a referral doctor, one can be arranged for you for consultation.

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